What’s in a name? Definition of ‘Laureate’- Worthy of the greatest honor or distinction

Every Minute of Every Day….

We provide children with the best care  in a fun, educational and comfortable environment.  We encourage them to develop as individuals and to find their place in our community…. To grow in a stimulating environment where diet, health and happiness are just as important as creativity , concentration and learning.


To offer High Quality, Affordable Education to children so as to Nurture All-Rounded Pupils in character – socially and spiritually.


Offering the Best to help pupils do their Best 

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide the vital stepping stones in the growing years. To become the best, is the essence of all the hopes and dreams of parents, children and staff in Laureate School. We aspire to nurture laureates in our children i.e. the best in their chosen fields by using our compassion, insight and professionalism to give them a firm and secure start.

Salient Features

  1. A reputation /tradition of excellence in introduction of nursery school children in readiness for primary level.
  2. Instilling self-responsibility and discipline in our pupils.
  3. Commitment to offer excellent support services e.g. balanced, hot meals and snacks.
  4. A conducive learning environment, for physical and mental growth-high quality infrastructure for classes and large compounds for free play.
  5.  A ‘home away from home’ in excellent boarding facilities for older children.
  6. Efficient transport to and from school.
  7. Well-trained, highly motivated and effective teachers.